Turkey Continues to Grow in Energy Transition

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Important representatives of the industry came together at the press conference of Solar Istanbul, Solar Energy, Energy Storage, Electric Transportation and Digitalization Fair and Conference.
Hundreds of state-of-the-art products in the solar energy sector will be exhibited and the stakeholders of the solar industry will be hosted at Solar Istanbul, which will be held at Tuzla Viaport Marina between 23-26 March 2022 with the theme of "Sustainability and Energy Transformation". The fair, which will be organized by Birlesik Fuar Yapim A.S. (BİFAŞ) and in cooperation with GENSED, GUNDER and GUYAD, will be attended by TC. Turkey's leading institutions and organizations, especially the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and EMRA, provide support.

In her opening speeches, Feraye Gürel, Member of the Board of Directors of BİFAŞ, said, “A correct evaluation should be made without separating the clean energy sector from each other. After the pandemic, which is one of the strategic issues, energy planning will be one of our important agendas. Solar Istanbul will impress with its contents as well as being a fair.”

Tolga Murat Özdemir, President of GENSED, one of the important representatives of the solar energy sector, in the promotion and press conference of the Solar Istanbul Fair and Conference: “The energy transformation has begun in the process that we describe as the solar industry at a glance. Turkey is a country that gets 2000 hours of sunshine, we are actually a country of sun. We have an average efficiency of 1500 kWh/kWp. Despite the pandemic conditions, 20-25% growth is now predicted globally with an average growth forecast. Decisions made in Glasgow support this growth. We reached 9,000 MW in 2021. We think that we will surpass Turkey's target by 2023 as a sector of 10,000 MW. Clean energy should be considered as sustainability. The decrease in the efficiency of hydroelectric power plants due to drought is one of them.

Turkey gives the green light to energy exports.

Talking about the transformation in the sector, GUYAD Vice President Birol Erguven said, “We believe that Solar Istanbul, which has captured the transformation in energy very well, will yield a lot of efficiency in new generation technologies. When you do renewable energy cost analysis, very reasonable figures come out. I think that energy can also contribute to our country's export figures," he said.
Talking about the professional competence in the energy sector, GUNDER Chairman of the Board of Directors Kutay Kaleli said, “We have established our vocational competence center for the studies we have done on the development of the professional competence of our sector. We undertook the determination of minimum standards and national qualifications, including installation at technician, technician and engineer level. With this qualification, we aimed to manage the installation costs correctly and to benefit from the occupational safety at the highest level.”

Taking the floor in the continuation of the meeting, KOJENTURK Association President Yavuz Aydın said, “Solar energy-based cogeneration applications should be widely used in Turkey. We are working for environments that will produce and consume the sun, which is the most abundant resource in our country.”
Emphasizing that the energy transformation is inevitable, GENSED President Halil Demirdağ said, “Turkey's potential is huge. In order to realize this potential, the political will, legislations and conjuncture are experiencing a productive period.”
Emphasizing that the development of technical storage areas along with solar energy is important for power plants, SOLAR 3GW Chairman of the Board Yusuf Bahadır Turhan said, “We are on the way to an energy revolution. In this sense, Güneş is our leading role”.

Ebru Arici, Chairman of the Board of TUREB, said, “We can say that 2021 was the year of hybrid solar power plants. We have full hope and confidence that energy production will increase until Solar Istanbul,” he said, adding that he is hopeful for the future of the industry.
Head of the Offshore Wind Energy Association, which is one of the indicators of the development of Turkey's energy sector in different fields. Murat Durak said, “The clean energy wealth of our country corresponds to a power plant with 4 tribunes in offshore energy. We must use all our clean energy sources correctly”

Solar Istanbul Will Shed Light on the Sector with the Theme of Sustainability and Energy Transformation

In Solar Istanbul, the most prestigious solar energy meeting platform in the region, the innovations, visions and latest technologies of the solar energy industry will be determined with sectoral conferences and seminars. Domestic and foreign experts and academics will shed light on the sector with the theme of sustainability and energy transformation. Among the main topics of the conferences and seminars, current issues of the solar industry such as the Paris Agreement, climate change, Green Deal, carbon conversion, storage, e-mobility, domestic production, public awareness, legislation, unlicensed SPP regulations are included.

Solar Istanbul Becomes the New Attraction Center of the Region: Buying Committees from North Africa, Middle East and CIS Countries will be Hosted
In addition to domestic visitors, at Solar Istanbul Fair, which makes a great contribution to the volume and export momentum of the solar energy sector; Professional buyer delegations from 8 countries, mainly from North Africa, the Middle East and CIS countries, will meet with the Turkish solar industry. In the fair, where more than 8000 domestic and foreign visitors from 12 countries are expected, thousands of state-of-the-art solar products will be brought together with buyers. In strong cooperation with national and international platforms, associations and media channels operating in the solar energy sector, Solar Istanbul is becoming the new center of attraction for local and foreign buyers and producers of the region.

Hundreds of Innovative and Latest Technology Products Related to Solar Systems at Solar Istanbul

Energy and power conversion systems, solar panel manufacturers, e-mobility, ups manufacturers, cable manufacturers, operation and maintenance companies, inverter manufacturers, electric vehicle chargers and solutions, blockchain applications, energy management and monitoring, construction manufacturers, energy storage solutions, energy efficiency, sectoral software, turnkey assembly services, electric car - bus - boat - drone, insurance companies, uninterruptible power supply manufacturers, off-grid applications, cyber security systems and thousands of products from hundreds of categories will be exhibited in solar Istanbul.

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